Many of you, almost daily now, ask if there will be tha 2020 edition of the UTLO.
You don’t kown how muche we would like to answer with plain yes to this question.
The safety of the runners it’s alway been a priority for us. Today, at this moment, that safety could not be guaranteed, not for the runners, not for their families, not for our volunteers.
UTLO has always been a feast, a moment of sharing, friendship, smiles, hugs. If this could not be, better wait.
This means that there won’t be a 2020 UTLO edition? Now, we can’t answer.
When will be made a final decision? We do not have set a final date.
For this reason and also to not collect payments that could not have been possible to reimburse, we chose to not open the registrations: they will open only if it will be possibile to organise the race.
It’s very difficult, if not impossibile, that the event will be as scheduled but, rest assured, if it will be possibile to set up the event, even if in a light version, we will be there to wait for you and to do everything we can, as always.
We hope that will happen, it would be a fantastic opportunity to recover also for the territory.
So, we’re asking to have a little more patience.
Keep you safe so everyone can be safe. We didn’t forget you, we’re also pawing.
#UTLOneverends #thedreamneverends #keepsafe