Hi everyone,
we are in difficult times and it’s not easy not to think to what is happening around us and in all the world. We must stay positive and refresh ourselves with the spring perfume that’s already in the air.
Many races, even very important ones, will not take place this year and they already set the date for the 2021. Our event it’s distant in time but we can’t not to think to what could happen.
For this reason, registrations are still closed and, at this time, we do not have any idea to when they will open. We keep working on possible alternative, some of them very substantial, in order to be prepared for every scenario we could face when it will be possible to return to the normal life that now seems only a faded dream.
Do not worry, we will keep in touch and give you news as soon as possible.
We want to send a virtual and particular hug to all the volunteers of the rescue. They’re always with us during our event and now they are engaged in a more important and tough battle: Come on guys! We’re with you!
#stayhome #staysafe #everythingwillbeok