Here We Are.
What meanings could have this sentence?
1. The clock is ticking , it’s time to make choices.
2. Times are difficult, but, as John Belushi once said “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”
3. Ok, it’s time to go.
Organising a race it’s not easy, during normal conditions the tension is very high, the Covid-19 pandemic make all more challenging.
We know that this edition won’t be a “normal UTLO”. We tought about it long, perhaps even too much. But in the end we decided to try: the VibramUTLO 2020 will take place.
Doing nothing would be the easyest choice, but we’re dreamer and so we accepted the challenge.
In october 3 races will be at your disposal:
Saturday 17th october a 70Km, organised with the F.I.D.A.L. and reserved to F.I.D.A.L. memebers – Runcard – Runcard EPS – Mountain & Trail Runcard members , that is running as National Trail Championship 2020 and is valid as Regional Trail Championship 2020 (Piedmont F.I.D.A.L. approval 123/trail/2020), and a 60Km, on the classical track, open to all.
Sunday 18th october a 31Km open to all.
Everything will be organised, as always, keeping as first goal the safety of the athletes.
So there will be some stricting rules that must be followed without compromises:
Closed max number of runners in each race
Bib number pick up in time slots (you will choose your during the registration)
staggered starts, max 200 athletes each
Autonomy during all the race
No dorm in the gym
No changing rooms, showers and bag storage

Please, before enroll, you must read very carefully the regulation.
Fun and Panorama, yes.
Carelessness and superficiality, no.
We want to send a message: restart is possibile but we must not forget what happened, what is still occurring and what it coul return if we don’t focus on what we do.

Registrations will open this evening, Monday 7th september at 08:00 p.m.

Challenges don’t frighten us, Here We Are, you know, as we said before, we’re dreamers and at UTLO #TheDreamNeverEnds!