Pending the ITRA certification of the new track, we offer you the new elevation profile of the race that will replace 60Km and 70Km.
As you know by now, due to the terrible and tragic flood of 2/3 October, some sections of the second part of the race, from Arola to Cesara, are impracticable.
Thanks to the precious collaboration of the friends of Alpe Mastrolini, QuarnaOutdoor and the Trail del Motty, the variant that you will face on Saturday 17 October was found in a very short time.
Both races, ex70Km and 60Km, will therefore follow the same track which is about 60Km long and has a positive gain around 3800m.
The start of the race valid for the Italian trail championship, given the shorter distance, will be at 7:00am instead of 6:00am and the maximum time will be reduced to 15h.
No changes to the 60Km timetables.
No changes for the 31Km route.
The gpx of the new track will be available soon.

#VibramUTLOiscoming #Thedreamneverends -7