Good morning everyone.
Last weekend in many areas of Piedmont the exceptional bad weather caused enormous damage and unfortunately also tragic losses.
The area of Lake Orta was not spared.
As well as the paths on which the VibramUTLO takes place.
Inspections were carried out between Sunday and yesterday to check the state of things and take those decisions which, less than 14 days before the race, cannot be postponed.
There are difficulties, even heavy ones, and we will have change the course, even in a heavy way for some races, but VibramUTLO will be there.
In these hours the options on paper will be discussed with the security team and the authorities , we will soon be able to have the precise information we can provide you.
Despite the difficulties we are working, this time, perhaps, we will not be able to comb the grass, be magnanimous.

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