The zero risk doesn’t exist. Each activity we do has a risk inside, that can be low or high. The choice we make can, however, lower that risk, even in a considerable way.
With this thought and considering first of all, as we have always done, the security of the runners and the volunteers, we decided that in order to take part in the 2021 edition of the VibramUTLO will be necessary to have the Green Pass (a full vaccination cycle or a negative swab not older than 48 hours) or the equivalent EU Digital COVID Certificate.
This will be mandatory for the runners, the staff, the exhibitors and the volunteers on the tracks and at the refreshment points.
We gave that a lot of thoughts, we discussed the matter and, even if until today no protocol forces us to request it, we think this is the right thing to do.
We know that this decision can cause some discontent and that is why we want to give this news before the confirmations of registrations so that each athlete can make his own choice freely.
For those who do not have the Green Pass and, most of all, already knows that they won’t have it when the event will take place, there are two options:

1) Use the fast swabs service that will be active during the event at the following times:

  • Friday 15 from 03:00 pm until 08:00 pm
  • Saturday 16 from 03:00 pm until 07:00 pm
  • Sunday 17 from 07:00 am until 08:00 am

The station will be next to the Oratorio in Vicolo Pasquello – Omegna. The cost will be of 25,00 euros each. Mandatory reservation sending a message to before the 13/10/2021.

2) Send us a message, using the address, with the resignation from participation so that we can free the bib for another interested athlete.