During the VibramUTLO, Marco Gorini, natural running trainer and instructor, will organize “experiences” that will take place in the Vibram stand, at the VibramUTLO Expo, to help interested parties to try the Vibram FiveFingers, not only as it happens in a shop, but with times organized, some walkings that will allow to discover what it means to use them and, for the runnerss that just finished their race, there will be some cool down moments, “Decompression after the race”, to learn how to use them for the active recovery.
An opportunity not to be missed by runners: many know the product, some know how to use it for training, but very few know how to use them for recovery after an ultra.


here is the program:

15th october:

  • 05:30pm : “Decompression after race”
  • 09:00pm : “Evening cool down” + walk Omegna using VFF”

16th october:

  • 11:00am : “Morning routine” + trail walk using VFF
  • 03:30pm – 06:30pm: “Decompression after race”
  • 06:30pm – 07:00pm: “Decompression of the daily” + walk using VFF by the lakefront
  • 09:00pm – 09:30pm : “Vibram Fivefingers: your secret tool for trail running”

17th october:

  • 11:00am : “Morning routine” + walk using VFF by the lakefront
  • 01:00pm – 04:00pm : “Decompression after race”

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