Here we are!
Less than 24 hours before the start of the 2021 VibramUTLO.

A couple of info on the pre/post race:

In the envelope at the bib pick-up you will find:

  • your bib
  • wristband that show you already passed the Green Pass/EU Certificate check, remeber to wear it!

for the 100Km and the 55Km, you will also find

  • Pass for your sidekick (if you have one). To enter in the refreshments point he/she will have to show it with the Green Pass/EU certificate. If you are on the 31Km and you need it, ask for it at the bib pick up.

only for the 100Km furthermore:

  • Sticker with your number to attach on the Vibram bag. This is the only bag you can use as drop bag (the hand over of the drop bag will at the UTLO Village on saturday morning berfore the start, you will pick up your drop bag at the Oratorio after the race. Check the timetable on the program page)

Goddie bag delivery:
The 100Km goodie bag will be handed over at the bib pick up. For all the other races, the bag will be handed over after the race (check the timetables on the program page)

Please, respect the timetable for the bib and goodie bag hand over, do not wait until the last minute, respet all the volunteers that are working for you.
Enjoy your UTLO!

#VibramUTLOisalmosthere #Thedreamisabouttostart