A little more than a week for the free pre-registrations of the 2020 VibramUTLO.
We wanna thank the over 800 runners that already pre-registered for the races: Thanks for the enthusiasm you’re sending us, this inspires us, even with all the difficulties of the period, to work harder to make this edition a very special one.
We remember, to whom didn’t alreay pre-registered, that, for each race, there is a fixed maximum number of runneres allowed, ther are left:

  • 60 bibs, approx, on the 70Km
  • 200 bibs, approx, on the 60Km
  • 300 bibs, approx, on the 31Km

Once assigned this bibs, there won’t be any other possibility to take part in the event, no waiting list or last minute enrolling/changes.
If you want to be there, don’t wait!

Remember to read carefully the regulation and the pages for the race you’re interested, focussing, in particular, on the part about the Covid-19 instructions

In order to spread the practical news in more rapi way, next to the traditional social channels, we’re enabling a channel on the Telegram app: you can find it searching for VUTLO or following this link https://t.me/vutlo

p.s. The 70Km promises to be a very exciting race! Follow us!

#VibramUTLOiscoming #Thedreamneverends