Registrations for the 2021 edition are open!
Remember that, until the 12/09/2021 or until the maximum nuober of runners is reached in each race, you will be able to submit a free pre-registration. Only from the 12/09/2021, when we will know if the event could be organized, you will have to confirm your registration by paying the fee.
the fee for the 2021 are:

  • 100Km: 120,00 euros
  • 55Km: 70,00 euros
  • 31Km: 40,00 euros
  • 18Km: 25,00 euros

If there will be some bibs left, until the 27/09/2021, it will be possibile to enroll, with these fees, also to runners who didn’t submit the pre-registration.
After the 27/09/2021, should be available some bibs, it will be possible to enroll, until the 01/10/2021 or until the mamimum number of runners is reached, with the following fees:

  • 100Km: 130,00 euros
  • 55Km: 80,00 euros
  • 31Km: 50,00 euros
  • 18Km: 35,00 euros

Before you submit your pre-registration, please, read carefully the regulation of the race and, in any case, check regularly the update about the new provisions that could be introduced due to the evolution of the current pandemic.
Now you only have to choose your race, go to the relative page and press “register”!