Just a few days…
On Friday 09/07/2021 the registrations for the 2021 edition of the VibramUTLO will open.
It will be possibile to choose from this races: 100Km, 55Km, 31Km and 18Km
with some “vertical” surprise on the way…
Until the 12/09/2021 it will be possible to pre-register for free. If, at that time, there won’t be any obstacle to organize the event, pre-registered runners will have until the 26/09/2021 for confirm the subscrition with the payment of the fee.
Warning As a precautionary measure, like last year, during the pre-registration the runnur musth choose a time slot for the bib pickup. This time slot will also establish the starting time of the race.
There will be a maximum number of runners in each race. When this number is reached the pre-rigistration will automatically close: 400 runners on the 100Km, 700 on the 55Km and on the 31Km, 300 on the 18Km.
As always, read carefully the regulation and, on friday, enroll!