It’s official: The VibramUTLO 70Km will be awarding the Italian and Regional Trail Championship 2020!
We were anxious but, at last, the confirmation arrived.
Thanks to the F.I.D.A.L. and Piedmont F.I.D.A.L. for trusting us. As always we will committ, side by side with our sponsors, our tireless volunteers, the institutional partners, the Omegna’s Pro Loco, The Red Cross, the Ski Patrols and the Mountian Rescue, to make unforgettable also this edition of the VibramUTLO.
The free pre-registrations will end on Sunday at 11:59pm.
From Monday afternoon it will be possible to finalize the registration by paying the fee or, if there will be any bib left, enroll directly in one of the race.
This is the situation now:

  • 30 bibs left on the 70Km
  • 150 bibs left on the 60Km
  • 150 bibs left on the 31Km

Once they will end there won’t be any other possibility to take part in the event. Make up your mind!
With a total focus on the safety and to the regulations in force to prevent the spreading of the pandemic, we will wait you in Omegna!

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