After careful evaluations and on site investigations, given some last minutes difficulties than can’t be resolved before the event, the race direction decided to apply some modifications to the following tracks: 140Km, 100Km and 34Km. The interested area is: Alpe Sacchi, Cesara and Nonio. The 34Km from Alpe Sacchi, with a left turn, will go on a new path to the Laghetti di Nonio. The 140Km and the 100Km, in Cesara, will not climb directly to the “due faggi” (two beeches) but will move towards Alpe della Sella from where, after running a part of the original track in reverse, will reach the due faggi (two beeches), the Alpe Soliva and the modified track of the 34Km to the Laghetti di Nonio.
This tracks variations will not effect the elevation of the races but may introduce a little difference in their lenght.

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