Only 14 days to the start of the 2019 VibramUTLO!
More than 2000 athletes from alla the world will be in Omegna to run on the tracks we’re setting up, but on Friday evening, just after the start of the 140Km, a new short track, approx 700mt, inside the city of Omegna will come to life:
Kids, get ready! The Utlino Run is waiting for you!
The race is reserved to all children between 3 and 12 years old (children between 3 and 5 must be accompanied by a parent) and it’s completely free.
It will possible to enroll the day of the race (friday 18 october) from 6:00pm to 06:45pm, if you want you can download the registration form here , fill it and hand it in.
Come, we have some nice suprises for you!

#UtlinoRun #Utloforkids