Here we are, with some little adjustments on the tracks and one new entry, the fast 12Km, the registration for the 2023 VibramUTLO edition are officially open!

The 2023 fees are:

  • 100Km: 120,00 euros
  • 55Km: 70,00 euros
  • 34Km: 40,00 euros
  • 21Km: 25,00 euros
  • 12Km: 15,00 euros
  • 21Km TW & NW: 15,00 euros
  • Vertical: 15,00 euros

Before you submit your pre-registration, please, read carefully the regulation of the race and, in any case, check regularly the update about the provisions that could be introduced due to the evolution of the pandemic.
Now you only have to choose your race, go to the relative page and press “register”!