Here we are, few hours and the 2018 VibramUTLO 2018 will begin.
This year, more than ever, we will try to transmit the UTLO mood to as many people as possible.
We have just launched a new page, that you can reach using the menu at the top of the page, called UTLOtv.
From there you will be able to assist, live, to all the races’ start and follow all the finishers (there will be a fixed camera that will film all of them) but you will also be able to follow the legendary “talking duo”:
Silvano Gadin, from various spots on the track with news and interview
Ivan Parasacco, master of ceremonies and interwiever at the finish line
Obviously there will be a livetrail with intermediary times on the wedosport website:
VibramUTLO 2018 livetrail

It’s time… as always says Parasacco… VibramUTLO mode ON!