It’s time for the boring but important things:
1) REMEMBER that without the medical certificate you will not be able to pick up your bib. If you haven’t sent it yet, you still have some time to do it or you can bring a copy with you at the bib pickup.
2) In order to pick up your bib, you must first pass the equipments control. You will therefore have to present to the bib pickup with all the mandatory equipments, as well as the identity document. Please, try not to arrive at the last minute and be patient if there is a bit of queue.
For the list of the mandatory equipments, check your race page, or the regulation.

This is a map of the logistic of the event.

Warning: There aren’t parking area reserved for the event, those that you find on the map are only the main parking areas. As we said before, if you will use your own car, try not to arrive at the last minute.

Here you can download a printable pdf of the map: Map